Optimizing CRM Management for an E-commerce Fulfillment Leader


A fulfillment company for e-commerce, a leader in the industry, faced a critical challenge concerning the management of its HubSpot CRM pipeline. Updates to active opportunities weren’t happening consistently, which prevented them from having accurate reports and reliable revenue forecasts. This meant managers had to do extra work to remind sales representatives to keep their data up-to-date. Moreover, they were reporting inaccurate forecasts to the board, which resulted in constant updates and unnecessary friction.


Pact created a simple and highly effective automation for tasks that brought accountability to their CRM update process. That resulted in a 44% improvement in pipeline accuracy, while reducing work for managers and sales reps. The solution involved:

  • Weekly automated reminders, or “pacts,” to prompt Sales Reps to update their HubSpot pipeline.
  • The sales reps were able to access their pacts in Slack, without any additional configuration or logins. This resulted in a very high rate of engagement.
  • Additionally, everyone had the option to access their tasks through their calendar using Pact’s calendar extension, simplifying the process of taking necessary actions. Pact’s integrations mean sales reps don’t need to leave their normal work tools to interact with pacts, leading to much better compliance.
  • Sales Reps had the flexibility to mark pacts as done, reschedule them, and even include comments, ensuring their managers stayed informed and maintaining visibility throughout the process.
  • On the few occasions when a pact wasn’t completed or updated, individuals received extra reminders, and managers were promptly notified. This allowed managers to focus their attention on exceptional cases that required an escalation rather than monitoring each person on a weekly basis.
  • Managers received weekly reports showing historical and expected task completion rates for the following week.

After the pilot workflow was successful, Pact introduced a twice-monthly process to update other aspects of the CRM involving a larger team.

Because the Pact process is automated, ownership of this process was easily switched when a new manager took over the team. Pact’s solution continued to operate smoothly, guaranteeing a consistent flow of CRM updates.

The customer was extremely happy with this result and expanded their use of Pact to other important processes. The success of this first use case gave the management confidence that other parts of their sales processes would see similar success.


Pact’s implementation brought significant benefits for the Fulfillment Company:

  • A clean and up-to-date pipeline enabled more precise and reliable sales predictions, improving the company’s financial planning.
  • After three months of using Pact, the Sales team improved their completion rate of CRM updates to 91.67%.
  • Manager 1:1s became much more focused on coaching based on accurate data in the CRM, rather than reviewing deal status as before.
  • The improved pipeline forecast accuracy allowed enabling informed decisions on hiring, equipment, and strategic investments.

A company Director highlighted, “Pact is fantastic; my pipeline is now up-to-date, saving me all those weekly reminders. Pact handles it seamlessly.”