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Case Studies

  • Category: Client Story

    Transforming CRM Management for an E-commerce Fulfillment Leader

    A fulfillment company for e-commerce, a leader in the industry, faced a critical challenge concerning the management of its HubSpot CRM pipeline. Updates to active opportunities weren’t happening consistently, which prevented them from having accurate reports and reliable revenue forecasts. This meant managers had to do extra work to remind sales representatives to keep their data up-to-date. Moreover, they were reporting inaccurate forecasts to the board, which resulted in constant updates and unnecessary friction.

  • Category: Client Story

    Client Story

    At a leading digital intelligence platform provider, the sales team was wrestling with the issue of outdated Salesforce data, which caused inaccurate sales forecasts, wasted time, and lost deals. Bill, a sales leader at the company, noticed that his teams were using valuable time in meetings to discuss updating data rather than focusing on maximizing revenue.