Careers at Pact

We're looking for people passionate about making every organization in the world more effective.

The time has come for digital communication to fundamentally 
change how we collaborate

The way we structure our teams, manage them and measure results was inherited from a time when we couldn't communicate instantly. We now have the ability to transcend heavy top-down hierarchies that weigh down our ability to do great things. Simultaneously, these old structures combined with unlimited bandwidth are burying us under unstructured hypercommunication. People in every profession, at companies across the world rage against endless meetings and interruptions that cripple our institutions.

Technology for trust

Across thousands of teams and hundreds of companies, we observe that the fundamental quantity for successful collaboration is trust. Pact optimizes trust between teams. Each pact is an atomic unit that captures the everyday human commitment, promises, or contracts that power every organization. Together pacts allow teams to autonomously work on independent outcomes while providing the visibility necessary to coordinate all the independent parts of a company.

Changing professional relationships

Our vision is of a worker who leads by bringing people together to accomplish big goals. Alternatively, others must spend long periods in pursuit of autonomous individual work. At Pact we have deep empathy for both paths. Excellent collaboration frees the individual to focus without interruption while freeing others to organize teams with confidence. We've never seen a manager who loves long meetings or interrupting their teams, but a deficit of trust makes frequent micro-management and check-ins necessary.

You can make an impact

We're looking for people passionate about making every organization in the world more effective. You'll be given hard problems with the time and resources to succeed. Pact's style of work requires ownership and autonomy. As a user-centric product company we require not only top technical skills, but a commitment to solve problems by any means necessary.

If you or someone you know is ready to take on this challenge, please reach out to Julián or Matt.