Pact for Everyone

Transform how your team works. With smart reminders, powerful analytics, and automated workflows, every commitment is tracked and met. Seamlessly integrate with calendar, email, or Slack and amplify your team's efficiency.


  • Pact Basic

    $0 Per month

    Accountability for high-performing teams


    • Commitment Tracking: Monitor every commitment and receive vital alerts, ensuring no detail is overlooked.
    • Efficient Communication: Minimize meetings and calls, focusing on what truly matters.
    • Real-time Task Updates: Stay informed about potential task blockers, ensuring timely support and intervention.
    • Manager's Dashboard: Exclusive access for 1 manager to oversee team dynamics and progress.
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  • Pact for Managers

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    $40 Per manager/month

    Effortlessly manage teams and boost productivity


    • Centralized Oversight: Track all team commitments and visualize them on a single dashboard.
    • Proactive Management: Address potential blockers before they become issues.
    • Advanced Tools: Benefit from custom workflows, team-level tracking, predictive analytics, and risk scores.
    • Optimized Productivity: Empower yourself with tools designed to drive team success.
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  • Pact Enterprise


    Bespoke solutions for ambitious growth teams.


    • Custom Integrations: Support your unique workflows with ad-hoc integrations tailored to your needs.
    • Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy special pricing benefits designed for larger enterprises.
    • Unlock Full Potential: Harness the complete suite of Pact's features to optimize operations and collaboration.
    • Dedicated Support: Discuss your specific requirements with our sales team for a solution that fits like a glove.
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