Transforming CRM Updates into Revenue Growth at a Leading Digital Intelligence Platform

Customer: B2B SaaS Company
Industry: Technology
Company size: 500 to 1,000
Location: Colorado


At a leading digital intelligence platform provider, the sales team was wrestling with the issue of outdated Salesforce data, which caused inaccurate sales forecasts, wasted time, and lost deals. Bill, a sales leader at the company, noticed that his teams were using valuable time in meetings to discuss updating data rather than focusing on maximizing revenue.

With its team working remotely across various platforms, there was a lack of structure and accountability that led to commitments falling through the cracks.


To address these issues, we integrated a combination of smart reminders, escalations and analytics directly into their existing calendar and messaging platforms—something Pact makes very simple to achieve. Our goal was to tackle the problem at its root, increasing integrity and accountability at every level of collaboration.

We set up a weekly workflow within Pact to automatically track Salesforce data updates for Bill and his team. This workflow served as a reminder for the team to update their data while also providing timely information about every update, presenting clear analytics to the sales leader, and proactively communicating with the team when someone was falling behind.

Pact also enabled the team to track requests amongst themselves effectively, ensuring that the most important tasks were prioritized to pursue key opportunities. The team uses Pact to communicate the critical work required to close deals, vastly increasing the likelihood of those blockers getting fixed with its automated notifications and escalations.


The implementation of Pact brought significant improvements to this company’s sales process and volume of deals. Occasional data updates transformed into a consistent weekly task, with 80% of the team updating Salesforce at least bi-weekly. 

This rapid change led to an impressive 20%+ acceleration in new sales opportunities. But the benefits of implementing Pact extended much further. 

With accurate information in the CRM, one-on-ones with the team became far more effective. Managers now spend less time asking about updates and focus on coaching to close deals more quickly. 

Bill reflected on the impact of implementing Pact, stating, “Requests through Pact are producing pipeline. One-fifth of our new deals were accelerated with Pact.”

Not only is Pact used to remind reps about the deals, but also for reps to ask for help in closing deals. This produces a two-way process that accelerates sales. An Enterprise Account Executive at the company, also shared his experience. “I love Pact. I use it for leadership-level asks to accelerate sales. I have a thousand things going on, so I follow a very prescriptive process. It was easy to get distracted [and not finish things before], but Pacts always pop up in my calendar.”

Overall, the company noted a significant increase in the completion of sales-critical work and increased revenue as commitments were met on time. With Pact, the team could focus on what mattered most: closing more deals, quickly.