Augmented management at the speed of AI

Pact saves you time and makes you more effective by monitoring and following up on your behalf. It automates routine tasks, provides real-time insights, and seamlessly integrates with your existing tools, enabling efficient and transparent management to achieve your project outcomes.

Integrate Slack, Jira, emails, and more to get real-time outcome status, actionable analytics, and seamless task automation.

Join over 400 companies enhancing their productivity with Pact

  • Wizeline
  • Salesbricks
  • Melonn
  • Stak
  • MiSalud Health

Why choose Pact

  • See the complete picture, automatically

    Pact integrates with hundreds of data sources and communication channels, ensuring complete visibility monitoring on your behalf.

  • Align with business goals

    Stay continuously updated and alerted on work that is blocking your most important goals.

  • Save time and costs

    Ensure your team works on what is most important, leveraging AI to decrease meetings and management work.

1. Make sense of the chaos of your existing tools

  • Pact integrates with tools like Slack, Jira, Salesforce, Zendesk, Teams, and Calendar.

  • It helps you consume and use the overwhelming amount of information in a simpler way.

2. Bring clarity to your data to find risks

Pact's AI-powered analysis and clustering identifies for you:

  • Relationships between teams, tasks, and long-term goals

  • Blockers

  • Duplication of work reducing efficiency

  • Misalignment of tasks not leading to critical outcomes

3. Accomplish your goals with smart agents that work for you

Pact does work for you automatically:

  • Collects all documents related to a task or an outcome

  • Creates a personalized summary for each person: from CEO to IC's

  • Proactively suggests next steps for you and your team

Everyone can see WHAT is expected of them and WHY it matters, without the need to be in every call, meeting, or email thread.


"Before I started with Pact, my projects were in chaos, and I was overwhelmed by the lack of clarity and direction.

Since getting Pact, its AI has brought order to the chaos, providing us with real-time insights and actionable analytics. I now have a new understanding of my business, and our project management capabilities have significantly improved."


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